PUBLIC ACCESS | The Direct Approach

Upon contacting Chambers, you will be asked the details of your case.  From there, if you do not require a particular barrister, our clerk will appoint one for you.  You will then be asked to visit chambers and bring with you any documentation you believe will be relevant to your case.  Once here, a barrister will go through your paper work with you and, at the conclusion of this, you will be told your likelihood of success, next steps that may be taken and any charges you are likely to incur, including administrative charges to any relevant bodies.

Should you be happy with the information given and would like to proceed on a Public Access basis, we will ask that you read and sign an agreement.  Once agreed, we will proceed to represent you under the Public Access scheme.

​Please see guidance for lay clients regarding the  Public Access Scheme here .

SEMINARS | Community Work

In our efforts to improve our communities and help those in need, Amethyst Chambers regularly engages in free talks on Immigration and Housing Law with various community centres and local associations.  We have selected the areas of Immigration and Housing Law as we consider these to be prevalent difficulties facing our communities.