Amethyst Chambers was established in 2010 by a group of barristers resolutely committed to client care.  We are a multidisciplinary practice, providing legal advice and advocacy of the highest standard across the full range of civil, criminal and family work, and at all court levels. For further detail on the work that we do, please visit our 'Practice Areas' page.

​We are wholly committed to improving our communities and assisting those in need and, in addition to our traditional practice, we regularly collaborate with community based organisations to deliver free talks on Immigration and Housing Law. Our previous talks have been held in Tottenham and Brixton. If you are a community based organisation interested in this service, please contact our clerks to see how best we may accommodate you, whether virtually or in person.

Equality & Diversity 

Amethyst Chambers is committed to equal opportunities and tackling discrimination in all its forms. We seek to promote the principles of equality and diversity in all our dealings with members, staff, pupils, clients, job applicants, suppliers and the public. To that end, we take into account the BSB’s Equality and Diversity Code, and will continue to do so as the Code is amended or revised from time to time. We also have our own policy, which is available to view on request.

We have a proud history of diverse membership and staff. If you would like to join us, please refer to our ‘Recruitment’ page for further information.